Transit-Oriented Development Toolkit for Connecticut

By: Kimberly Allan Pierce Cortes, Land Use Law Center

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is playing an increasingly large role in the vision and planning for Connecticut’s future. To help support communities seeking to implement that vision, the CT Fund for the Environment, Partnership for Strong Communities, Regional Plan Association, and Tri-State Transportation Campaign developed a “Transit-Oriented Development Toolkit for CT.” The toolkit provides technical advice for communities looking to implement TOD goals making it a great resource for community planners in Connecticut. This comprehensive guide can help communities:

  • Understand the complete streets strategy
  • Incorporate TOD into its zoning laws
  • Assess community accessibility for non-drivers, including advice to better serve bus riders, encourage employer-operated shuttles, and perform a biking audit
  • Combine TOD zoning with mixed and low-income housing
  • Implement best management practices for parking issues
  • Utilize green infrastructure in support of TOD goals to manage storm water maximize energy-efficiency

For more information, please see the complete toolkit available here.

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